• CONSTRUCTION     The back parking lot will be under construction starting May 22nd.  Effective May 22nd, student parking is limited to SENIORS with permission.  Please use caution when you are coming and going.  Any questions may be directed to Mrs. Sheppard's office.
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  • We will have HALF-DAYS for STUDENTS on Thursday, June 18th & Friday, June 19th.  Seniors will have graduation practice both days.  On June 18th, they will return to class after practice.  On June 19th, they will be dismissed after practice. 

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P.R.I.D.E. Program

The P.R.I.D.E. program is a national incentive program sponsored by Herff Jones at Triton Regional High School. We have joined Herff Jones in the Believe in "U" campaign for ALL students to graduate.  
The P.R.I.D.E. program stands for Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort. We want students to take responsibility for the choices they make and have pride in themselves.  Personal responsibility has three main components which lead to academic achievement:  conduct, attendance, and effort.  The entire Triton faculty and staff want our students to demonstrate Mustang Pride and be rewarded for making good choices.  Students who attain membership in the P.R.I.D.E. program will be eligible for discounts at school events, receive various privileges during the school day, may be eligible for semester trips and be invited to quarterly celebrations.  Students can achieve different levels based on their academic achievement and school involvement.  The program is outlined below.



1. Maintain a GPA between 2.5 and 4.0 (not weighted)

2. No UNEXCUSED Lateness

3. No more than 2 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES/OCCURRENCES (period of absence)

4. No discipline

5.  Involved in at least one activity/club/sport in the school or outside of school.  Non-school activities and/or community service will be approved by Vice Principal or Principal.  Example:  Hall decorating for Spirit Week will count for first marking period.  Vice Principal will approve in collaboration with the advisor.



·         Cafeteria Student Center Seating (under construction)

·         Cafeteria outdoor seating

·         Guaranteed good news post cards

·         Admission to quarterly rallies

·         Called to lunch line first

·         The Steering Committee is working with local businesses to get discounts for Card holders.


GOLD:  3.5 TO 4.0

·         Free admission to SELECT school events

·         May be used as a Hall Pass

·         Eligible for a semester trips

·         Homework pass to be used 3 times during marking period ONLY ONCE PER CLASS

·         1 exemption from an assignment EXCLUDING benchmarks, research projects, tests or Culminating major projects.-

·         3 Passes from class to LMC with teacher discretion (includes PE) ONLY ONCE PER CLASS

RED:  3.0 TO 3.49

·         Discounted admission to select school events

·         1 homework pass

·         1 pass from class to LMC with teacher discretion (includes PE)

BLUE:  2.5 TO 2.99

·        Discounted admission to select school events


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