Students Against Destructive Decisions
    The SADD club is a student group dedicated to inspiring and empowering their peers to make positive and healthy decisions. The students in SADD club also support their peers in facing the risks and pressures that challenge teenagers every day. This is accomplished through peer-to-peer education and activities. SADD club welcomes all students from grades 9 through 12. When committing to the SADD club students are required and encouraged to make positive decisions for themselves, in order to serve as a healthy example to their peers.
    Week of Respect
    School Violence Awareness Week
    Red Ribbon Week
    Dating Violence Awareness
    TC  R.A.P.S.
    Club Advisor:
    Nicole Hohl
    Student Assistance Coordinator
    Anti-Bullying Specialist
    SADD Club Advisor
    856-232-9703 Ext. 6011