• 2018 STEAM Topics

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    Doan Dang: Zephyr: A model designed to make standing fans more efficient to replace air conditioning in destitute areas.

    Josephine DeCecco: Med Chiller: A reuasble ice pack to be used with temperature sensative medications.

    Zoe Glover: Mimosa: A hand-crafted line of jewelry for those with skin sensitivity to fragrances.

    Matthew Meldrum: Custom Fit: A sports helmet with custom padding to detect the impact of collisions.

    Christopher Passarella: Facelock: An app design that serves as a personal hub to be able to unlock users homes and vehicles by using Face ID using a Bluetooth connection.

    Rachel Phillips: Mission VR: A virtual realty and 4D training simulator for first responders and military for safe and accurate hands on experience.

    Aaron Tran: Marine PC: A PC case that is resistant to salt water corrosion from the ocean.

    Dominick Tran: Hydro Thermic Conserver: A device that will be used in homes to heat up showers as a way to save water and eletricity.

    Lamorie White: Getting on Pointe: A design to improve the safety and comfort of pointe shoes.

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