Stay In Touch
    Parents and students are now able to download the BHP App for their smart phone. Simply go to the App Store on your phone and search "BHPRSD".  The app will allow you to access your student's grade book, assignment list (past and upcoming), attendance, lunch card balance and many other features.  It also has several links to various news items regarding both Triton and our district as a whole, as well as Twitter and Facebook links. 
    It is a great way to stay informed and it's absolutely FREE!!
    If you are not interested in the BHP App parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for the Parent Access Portal here at Triton Regional High School which can be used on your laptop or desktop computer.  Simply go to www.bhprsd.org and click on the 
    "Parent Access" button located at the top right corner.  Follow the very easy set up and gain access to your children's grades so you can review them daily.  
    We recommend you set it up as your Homepage to get a look at your child's progress every time you log onto your computer. 
    Please contact our Guidance Department with any questions.