• Suite 360

    To view a demo of the Suite 360 program, please select this link.  http://www.evpco.com/suite360welcome/

    The Black Horse Pike Regional School District has teamed up with Evolution Labs to present a digital social-emotional and character development program entitled Suite 360 to our Freshman students as well as provide additional intervention to at risk students who engage in poor decision-making activities that result in detention.

    Our administrative staff and teachers of Freshman Seminar courses will serve as the District's Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Team. They will review and approve appropriate interactive digital lessons that require students to tap into their visual, aural, logical, social (interpersonal) and solitary (intrapersonal) learning styles while engaging in pre-assessments, reading articles, watching videos, and demonstrating personal growth through post-assessments on relevant topics.

    In addition, students will participate in short "Pulse" surveys designed by the Principal wherein students can gain a voice and share feedback on how their high school is doing in meeting their needs.  This feedback will help shape the climate and culture of the school and provide the principal with valuable information on what aspects of high school life are working well while identifying the current needs of the student population.

    We are excited to explore this ground-breaking approach to meeting the social-emotional needs of students and have made an initial three-year commitment to explore the positive impact of such interactive training in a digital society.  

    Coupled with a district-wide focus on mindfulness, our goal is to train and support our staff and students on how to empower students to regulate their emotional awareness so that appropriate coping strategies can be built into every school day and serve them well throughout their adult lives.