What Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Should Know

  • Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    We know that there is more to succeeding in school and life than academics. Just as important, is a student’s ability to understand themselves and others and make responsible choices. That’s why this year, your child will participate in a program that is designed to help them develop and maintain their social and emotional learning.

    The program curriculum consists of short lessons delivered to students each month on internet connected devices. Each lesson in the curriculum might include videos, games, quizzes, and articles that help students:

    • Understand and manage emotions
    • Set and reach positive goals
    • Have and show empathy toward others
    • Build and maintain positive relationships
    • Make responsible choices

    We will provide periodic updates about the program and suggest ways for you to reinforce the learning at home.

    Best regards,

    BHPRSD Staff


Parent Flyer