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    About DECA    

    Through conferences and competitions, DECA instills professionalism and prepares young people to respond to    authentic business cases and market demands.

    Why DECA?


    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

    Business Objectives

    The long-term business objective of TCDECA is to increase awareness of DECA domestically and internationally to maximize student membership, strengthen corporate sponsorship, and encourage direct support of events in the community.


    TCDECA operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with members, volunteers, sponsors and the community. DECA fosters a climate that encourages innovation and diligence among advisors and volunteers.

    Guiding Principles

    DECA's eight guiding principles are organized around the organization's emblem, the DECA Diamond. 

    The inner four points of the DECA Diamond represent the guiding principles which address the purpose of DECA's comprehensive learning program:

    • Integrates into Classroom Instruction
    • Applies Learning
    • Connects to Business
    • Promotes Competition

    The outer four points of the DECA Diamond address the results of DECA's comprehensive learning program, DECA prepares the next generation to be:

    • Academically Prepared
    • Community Oriented
    • Professionally Responsible
    • Experienced Leaders