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    Channel 19 announcements can be e-mailed or sent from our on-line form from our website (the on-line form is the preferred method).
    We update the information on Mondays. Announcements must be received the previous Friday before noon.

    Send an e-mail to: Channel19@bhprsd.org

    Type your message in the body of email using the guidelines below.

    Rules for Channel 19 Announcements

    We no longer accept PowerPoint slides.

    Type out the announcement in the body of the email.


    You may use up to 8 lines with 38 characters per line. (no photos)


    Only one photo per slide Photos need to be resized to 360 x 240. Information on Photo slide 5 lines 15 character per line. 2 lines 25 character per line. One Photo per announcement.

    Announcements will be posted on Mondays. Announcements must be received before noon the previous Friday.