• October Nominees (video link)

    Cheerleading: Timia Brown: Freshman 

    Timia has been a great addition to the Triton Cheerleading program. She comes to every practice and game ready to give 110% and does it with a smile. As a freshman, Timia has stepped up and is a leader on our JV team. Our coaching staff is very excited to watch her grow as an athlete over the next few years. 

    Cross Country Boys: Micheal Benfield: Junior

    This is Michael’s second year with the team and his hard work and dedication are only part of what makes him a great athlete. He has improved his 5K time by a minute and a half but what really makes Michael stand out is that he is a leader.  He is always willing to offer words of encouragement and support to his fellow runners. He can often be found coaching his younger teammates before a race giving them strategy advice or just walking them through the course “one more time” so that they feel confident when they toe the line. Michael is someone his coaches and  teammates can always count on!

    Cross Country Girls: Amelia Vanni: Junior

    Amelia has made amazing strides as a distance runner this season. She accomplished a personal best of 22:54 in the 5K, took first place in the varsity race against Cumberland, and finished in the top 3 in almost every batch meet in which she competed. She has grown into a fierce competitor and an excellent role model for her teammates. Her hard work and dedication to the sport of running are clearly evident in her accomplishments this season.

    Field Hockey: Kaitlin Gale: Senior

    Kait is a Varsity Captain and our starting left defender. She has grown into a dynamic defensive player that is not easily beat and helps transition the ball up the field to our offense. Kait is a positive role model and comes out to every practice and game ready to play. The coaching staff is extremely proud of Kait’s growth as a player and leader. Her hard work over the past 4 years has paid off and she is enjoying her success on the field her senior year. 

    Football: Dominic Lombardi: Senior

    Dominic has stepped up to the challenge that the coaches set in front of him at the end of last year.  Every game this year he has been the most dominant lineman on the field by far.  The team is averaging over 300 yards of rushing which is great.  The main reason is because of Dom’s leadership and hard work.  When we need any type of positive yardage, we run behind Dom.  On the Defensive side of the ball he is a complete wrecking machine.  The Coaching staff is very proud of Dom and can not wait to see what his future holds. 

    Soccer Boys: Joe Bilgic: Senior

    Joe is having another stellar year in net for the boys soccer team.  This season he has recorded 5 shutouts; stopped a penalty kick, has only allowed 4 goals this season. Joe has made 56 saves. The team and coaching staff are proud of Joe's hard work and dedication. 

    Soccer Girls: Jenna Kolacz: Junior

    Jenna has been a vocal leader and strong presence for the girls soccer team.  She has played really well as a defensive midfielder this season, but is willing to play anywhere the team needs her. Her hard play, positive attitude is what makes her the athlete of the month. Keep it up, Jenna!

    Tennis Girls: Isabella Thomas: Senior

    Isabella has shown tremendous growth as a player from the first day of her freshman year to her final match against Deptford. Her hard work and dedication have proved to be assets to our program and she has helped younger players understand and know our expectations as coaches. Isabella came out of her shell this year and led the team huddles before matches and after practices.