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    sdfk;sm Winter/Spring Sports Guidelines 2021nm

    Per NJSIAA, each Timber Creek athlete is allowed 2 parents/guardians. This is in place for both indoor and outdoor events.


    Available Seating

    • Due to available seating for appropriate social distancing, the total number of spectators to be allowed in the gym is limited.

    Allowable Spectators

    • A list will be provided for all student-athletes (home and away) and their two allotted spectators. 
      • Due to capacity limitations, Timber Creek will not be permitting visiting teams to bring spectators.  This will provide us the ability to allow each wrestler, volleyball player, and cheerleader to have 2 parents/caregivers attend.

    Security Personnel

    • A security person will be at the gym entrance checking in each person who arrives.
    • A security person will screen each spectator before they enter the gym.
    • A security person will direct fans to their appropriate section.

    Spectator Guidelines

    • Spectators will be provided an approximate time for entry to the gym to be shared by the AD to the coaches.
    • Spectators will be allowed to enter once the gym is cleared from the previous game. 
    • Spectators will be assigned a specific section of bleachers, must wear masks and maintain social distancing.
    • No food or beverages are to be consumed inside the gymnasium.
    • Bleachers are marked at 6 foot intervals and use every other row to maintain social distancing.
      • Cheerleaders will sit in the first three rows of the middle section of bleachers (2nd row empty)
      • Timber Creek parents will sit in the sections of bleachers across from the wrestling or volleyball teams.

    At Game Completion

    • Student-athletes and spectators will exit the building when their game is over.  
    • Student-athletes and spectators will not be allowed to stay and watch other levels compete.




    • All spectators must wear a mask while on campus, whether seated by the field, spectator bleachers, or by your vehicle.
    • Please practice social distancing at all times while on campus. Remain six feet apart from one another (Family Members may sit together).
    • All spectators must sit on the opposite side of the Teams or in the designated seating areas for Spectators.
    • Standing behind the Team benches, dugouts, or backstops are prohibited.
    • Spectators must leave after the event is over.
    • Please do not attend an event if you are not feeling well.
    • The Department of Health recommends that if you do test positive for Covid-19 within 48 hours of a competition that you attended, it would be helpful for contact tracing that you notify the school you attended (Athletic Director).
    • Animals are strictly prohibited unless it is a service animal, in which it must be clearly identified.
    • Please follow all of the procedures listed above when attending away contests.