• May Nominees (video link)

    Baseball: Jake Snyder: Senior

    Jake has been a key cog in the middle of our order, hitting nearly .450 this season with 11 extra-base hits and 22 RBI. His offensive statistics are among the best in the entire conference. A four-year player, Jake worked extremely hard to elevate his offensive game, and has helped the program in numerous ways.

    Golf: Kamyrn Milliner: Junior 

    Kamyrn was the key scorer for the Mustangs in several wins for the team this season. Kam has grown tremendously since the start of the year and has helped the Mustangs improve each week. Kam has had to beat boys in several of her matches this year and her determination has been inspiring to see. Thanks to Kam, Triton was able to seal the win against Highland for the first time in 10 years which was a great way to end the year. 

    Boys Lacrosse: Braiden King: Sophomore

    Braiden is a first year player that has become the go-to guy of our offense. When playing Defensive Middie we go to him to lock down their best player. When playing Offensive Middie he can generate a fast break or dodge the defense to create his own shot. Braiden has scored in 8 of 11 games this month with 14 goals and is tied for the team lead for the season. 

    Girls Lacrosse: Emily Perez: Seniors

    Emily is a natural leader on the field and off.  On the field, she has a reliable stick and makes smart defensive decisions.  She stepped up to double effort while her fellow seniors were on the Senior Trip, becoming a major voice on defense and shouldering all of the captaining responsibilities.  Emily has an incredible work ethic and she is a role model who will be sorely missed next year.

    Softball: Rylee Shappell: Sophomore

    Rylee has been a consistent source of both hits and runs for our team this season.  She is batting .415 with 16 RBIs and 13 runs scored.  Not only does Rylee excel on the field, she is also a natural leader and an incredible teammate who elevates everyone else around her. 

    Boys Tennis: Stephen Schilder: Freshman

    Stephen was a first year player but quickly became an integral part of the team this year due to his dedication, worth ethic, and natural ability. He helped the team win several key victories this year and in winning his playoff match. 

    Boys Track: Mike Garofalo: Freshman

    I have only known Mikey G since Winter Track, but seeing his improvement over the course of the past several months has been incredibly impressive. Track is very much a sport where you get out what you put in, and Mikey G has exemplified that since I have known him. He has hit huge PR’s over the past month or so, and I am very excited to see how he continues to improve. He does not get discouraged when workouts are hard or when others outperform him, he rises up and does better the next time. 

    Girls Track: Amya Sims: Junior

    Amya has been a key contributor to the girls track teams’ success this season.  She has scored in the 100, 400, and more recently, the 800.  Before a month ago, she had never run the 800, but had a great attitude about giving it a try and has worked incredibly hard to improve every day.  We’re very proud of Amya’s success this season and can’t wait to see her improve going into her senior season. 

    Boys Volleyball: Dan Bilgic: Senior

    Dan is the senior varsity setter and co-captain on the boys volleyball team and much of the success our first year program has had this season was due to Dan’s leadership and tireless effort. Not only was Dan helpful off the court in helping to get volleyball picked up as a sports program in Black Horse Pike, his leadership on the court this season helped our Mustangs defeat successful established programs like Camden Tech in a 2-0 sweep at home, getting a career high 25 assists in a season-ending victory at Cherry Hill West and 19 assists in a 25-10, 25-18 hammering of Timber Creek in Sicklerville.