Mr. Hart is the advisor.
    E-mail: jhart@bhprsd.org
    Available D108 after school and Charger Time C and D days. 
    The Freshman One-Act play gives students the chance to act on stage a dramatical or comical 30-minute production.
    All who try out and are serious about making the play successful will heve the opportunity to act, even if he/she has no experience.
    If a student is interested, he/she should sign up at the co-curricular carnival on September 12th during school (usually physical education period).
    The One-Act play practices will begin the 3rd week of September, and the major production, An Evening of One-Act Plays, will take place Thursday, November 16th, 2017. 
    Practices will be held after school. Students are expected to attend. For sure, all cast members must be present the week of November 13th for dress rehearsals and the final production. 
    We always have fun! We prepare well, and are very proud of the productions. What a great way to start your high school career! GO CHARGERS!