Child Study Team

  •  Child Study Team Services

    What is a Child Study Team?

    The Child Study Team (CST) is a group of professionals employed by the Black Horse Pike Regional School District who provide consultative, evaluative, and prescriptive services to parents and teachers with respect to students who have, or may have, a disability.

    Who are the members of the Child Study Team?

    The members of the Child Study Team include the school psychologist, learning disabilities teacher-consultant (LDTC), and the school social worker.  Depending upon the individual student’s needs, it may be appropriate to include other professionals as part of the team. These professionals may include speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.  


    Administrative Assistant: Mrs. JoAnne Fisher (856) 227-4106, Fax (856) 842-1510

    Highland Regional High School

    Phone: (856) 227-4100

    Fax: (856) 227-3619

    Supervisor of Special Services:  Mrs. Tanya Harper ext. 4047

    Child Study Team Secretary:  Mrs. Christine Richards ext. 4047

    School Psychologist:  Ms. Carly Pineiro ext. 4049

    School Social Worker: Mr. Christopher Corcoran ext. 4063

    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Ms. Sekini Moore ext. 4048 


    Timber Creek Regional High School

    Phone: (856) 232-9703 

    Fax: (856) 232-5267   

    Supervisor of Special Services, BCBA: Mrs. Jessica Caffrey ext. 6037

    Child Study Team Secretary:  Ms. Bridget Norcross ext. 6037

    School Psychologist:  Mr. Michael McIntire ext. 6038

    School Social Worker:  Mrs. Joyce Goulburn ext. 6040

    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Mr. Joseph DeVecchis ext. 6019 


    Triton Regional High School

    Phone: (856) 939-4500

    Fax: (856) 939-4724  

    Supervisor of Special Services: Mrs. Erika Silich ext. 2051

    Child Study Team Secretary: Mrs. Sarah Campo ext. 2051

    School Psychologist: Ms. Brooke Spagnolia ext. 2063 

    School Social Worker: Ms. Kayla Piccari  ext. 2062 

    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant: Ms. Melinda Brokenshire  ext. 2052 


    Out-of-District Case Managers

    School Psychologist: Mrs. Lindsay McDonald-Varga, (856) 227-4100 ext. 4404

    School PsychologistMr. Michael McIntire, (856) 232-9703 ext. 6038