Child Find


    Do you have or know a child with a diagnosed or suspected educational disability?  Do you have a child who may be experiencing significant physical, medical, cognitive, language, or emotional difficulties? Does your child have medical problems or a confirmed diagnosis of a particular disorder? 

    If so, your child may require a comprehensive evaluation from the district’s Child Study Team (CST) in order to determine if he/she may be eligible for special education services. 

    The Black Horse Pike Regional School District offers a continuum of programs to address children’s special education needs.  Each of our three high schools has programs ranging from in-class resource center support to pull-out resources center instruction to more restrictive self-contained classes.

    Parents/guardians of children with known or suspected educational disabilities are urged to contact Mrs. Joanne Fisher, Special Services Department Administrative Assistant, at (856) 227-4106 ext. 8013.