• Youth for Politics 2021-2022


     Club Advisors Contact Information: 

    (Student) Ian beck: Ibeck30@students.bhprsd.org

    Mr. Cuneo: kcuneo@bhprsd.org 

    Mrs. Clements: cclements@bhprsd.org 

    Remind Code: @yfp2020-1

    Classroom Code: IWOKQQZ


    Written by Ian Beck General Information: First and foremost thank you for joining. I hope this club proves to be a fun experience for all. I’m first going to go over the basics of why this club exists. 2020 was a year like no other. Filled with political turmoil, and the worst public health crisis in 100 years, I took a deep interest into what was actually happening in our country. What the news was saying and how people who thought differently treated each other frightened me. I felt as if my voice wasn’t being heard. That’s why I founded this club. Unlike a Republican or Democrat club, this club is for everyone. From the people that might not know that much, to the staunch Biden or Trump supporters, or people who are in the middle, all are welcomed. All opinions, ideas, and political views are accepted. This club focuses on the tolerance of ALL ideas. I want to emphasize the importance of tolerance, something I believe has been lost in modern day politics. Working across the aisle to meet demands of a shared goal. I want to encourage coming together and talking ideas out together. In today’s world, this is incredibly hard to achieve, which is why there are a few rules we all must abide by. 



    • No slander, or degrading others who think differently than yourself. 
    • Attack ideas, not people. 
    • Intolerance based on a certain candidate that you may choose to support is not allowed. Criticizing that candidate is ok, but degrading the person for supporting a candidate of their choice is unacceptable and NOT allowed. It won’t be tolerated. 
    • Try to have an open mind. 
    • Refrain from interrupting others on purpose. We’ll have a system in place to allow for constructive debates and discussions. 
    • Have Fun :] 

    Meeting times and dates: TBD!

    Club Activities: 

    • Discussions- Discussions are going to be our basic meetings. When we meet, we’ll sort of just have an open discussion about topics that you guys found interesting over the week. We will not have a strict topic to focus on when we have open discussions, and it will be more free and open to a wider range of topics. If you find something like an article over the week of something that interests you, save it and talk about it! 
    • Debates- Debates are going to be a bit different than regular discussions. Debates will be held a few times each month on a topic we all decide on. Debates are going to be stricter, and instead of focusing on a range of topics, we’ll only focus on one topic. One of the club advisors will help moderate the debate and ensure that nothing gets out of hand. Participants will have to collect data to support their argument and present that data. Hopefully through this process new ideas will be created and solutions formed. 


    *Times and dates for when we will have debates or discussions will be determined throughout the month. You all will be notified through Remind. It’s important you join the Remind!!