• Science is the key to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), which opens the doors to technological innovation and satisfying careers, but science is also a quintessential human endeavour that encourages us to explore the natural world and express ourselves as creatively as one would in the world of arts and humanities. More now that ever, an understanding of science and its role in society is crucial to being a productive citizen who is engaged civically to create a healthier, sustainable, and just community.
    We are gearing up for a bigger year than ever...The Rain Garden is looking great with new pathways and the outdoor classroom is taking shape with new furniture....We are already training for the 5K for Clean Air, which benefits the Clean Air Council....We are preparing our fourth mural for the science hallway...We have many experiments in the works as well. Students are encouraged to bring their personal interest and curiousity to the Club. We also collaborate with the Bible Club on "Truth Matters", a unique and interdisciplinary search for truth, understanding, and human connection. 
    Please come to our meetings with your ideas and ambitions. We are preparing to be active members of the scientific community, as well as the global community. See #marchforscience for more!
    The Science Club meets most Wednesdays in F-104. Sign up for Reminders by texting @tcscience to 856.942.1196