• Mary-Alice Baratta
    Supervisor of Planning, Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Special Projects 
    B.A. in Mathematics, Rowan University
    Masters of Education in School Leadership, Wilmington University
    Secretary: Susan McNamara 
    Phone: (856) 227-4100, x-4072

    A Message from the Supervisor....

    With the onset of the new school year, transition naturally poses a challenge for freshman students.  Our Freshman Seminar course has expanded to a full-year course wherein every freshman student will be afforded with the essential academic, social, and emotional skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond.  Students will participate in activities that promote time-management, team work, and apprpriate communication skills sets, engage in critical thinking and personal decision-making, and explore college and/or career options based on idividual choice to establish personal goals that will set them on a purposeful path through high school as they prepare to graduate and explore their post-secondary choices for adulthood.
    We are also eager to implement our one-to-one Chromebook initiative wherein every student grade 9 through 12 will have a Chromebook to enhance their learning experience in all courses while engaging them in a global and 21st century learning environment.  The District will be implementing a social and emotional learning curriculum to help students develop key life skills (see below for flyer).
    The 2017-2018 academic school year is off to a bright star and we look forward to working with our students, parents, and larger community to celebrate the great work that needs to get done in order to prepare our students for their future.
    Wishing you a wonderful year, 
    Mary Baratta 
    Suite 306 Parent Flyer