• Tech Club

    Advisor: Mr. O’Donnell

    Meets:  The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month after school. Many other "open shop" opportunities as well as we take on many school and community projects. 

    Tech club provides activities and projects for students to explore the wide world of technology and modern industries.   Students learn how to design and create projects using a laser engraver, a 3D printer, CNC router along with more traditional tools. Students learn how to set up, use, and clean this high tech equipment properly. Students will practice team based problem solving skills utilizing the technological design process. The club also volunteers time to help the school and community with projects utilizing our skills and technology. 

    The club continues to operate open shops on tuesday and thursday after school during hybrid times. Come join us as we build projects and solve problems. During remote only learning times the tech club has continued to learn about new technologies and also built Ugears kits at home during our meetings. "The Counter" was one of our members Ugear projects.   


    Mr. O's Welcome to Tech Club Video

    Established in 1957, The Triton Work Shop Tour 2020

     Tech. Club Counter