• Although this club is largely made up of girls, our Women in STEM club is open to all students.  The club's main focus is to engage students in projects and campaigns to get more gilrs invi=olved in the Engineering, Archtitecture, CAD and Robotics classes at Highland, as girls are ofter underrepresented in these male dominated classes.  Throughout the year, students in the club participate in STEM-related events and activities in the community in partnership with the Society of Women Engineers, Widener University, Camden County Community College and Rowan University.  The goal is to give students a real-world tasteof what it's lile to be a woman in the STEM-related field and to give the girls at HIghland confidence and support they need to purse a carreer in these fields.  The club is also very hand-on and students learn machineand lab safety, have access to a vinyl cutter, laser engraver, and 3D printer.  Generally, the club meets after school, but sometimes students are required to work on projects during Tartan Time and may partiipate in STEM-related events (like Widener University event) on the weekends throughout the year.

    Adivsor: Mr. Keyser- F126