• Class of 2022


    Vice Principal - Mr. Robert DiMaulo

    Class Advisors - Mrs. Nicole Hohl, Mrs. Curiale


     I am very excited to welcome back the class of 2022. You are now officially upperclassmen! As returning students to Timber Creek you are afforded with a greater responsibility in insuring you are reaching your goals. Its imperative that you approach every day with a positive attitude and focus on your education. Previously in our class meeting , I recommended you to focus on three principles this year: taking care of your self, take care of others, and take pride in our building. As sophomores , we expect you to rise to our expectations to ensure you make the most of your time here at Timber Creek. Don't lose sight of our goal, in obtaining your high school diploma. Additionally, its essential that you continue to develop a plan to reach your goals beyond high school. Last but not least, every staff member in this building is here to assist you in attaining success. Make sure you do your part and please ask for help when needed. We are all more than happy to help. Lets make it a great year!! Go Chargers!