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Working Papers Procedure

Employment Certificate Procedures effective beginning the 2019-2020 School Year

-All minors under the age of 18 who work in NJ must have an employment certificate - also known as “working papers”


-An employment certificate is required for each employer


-Student must have a current job offer in order to submit working papers


-Working papers are available in the main office or by visiting


-Once the first 3 sections of the working papers (A,B,C) are completed and signed, the student must then return the completed forms to the Main Office.  The student will need to sign and date section F in the presence of school personnel and then submit them for approval. Employment Certificates submitted for approval will be returned to the student no later than 24 hours after their submission to the Main Office.


-Once employment certificates are submitted to the Main Office, student records will then be reviewed.  A School Administrator may refuse to issue the employment certificate if such refusal would be in the minor’s best interest and based on the following criteria:


-If the student has 10 or more absences

-2 or more grades that fall below 65 at the time of the request

-100 or more conduct points 


-If the student is in violation, it is subject to Principal’s approval and discussed with the student.  


-If the student does not have any violations and/or the Principal has reviewed the student’s records, the working papers will then be signed.  The original document will be returned to the student for the student’s Employer. A copy will also be mailed to the State on the student’s behalf. 


If you should have any further questions, please feel free to call the Timber Creek Main Office at (856) 232-9703.