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Food Delivery to Neighborhoods- click here for more information

Parents and Caregivers,

During this challenging time, we want to make sure our students have enough food to eat.  In addition to our Wednesday pick-up we are going to send a bus out to 3 neighborhoods on Thursday so people can pick up food from the bus.  We will start this service tomorrow (1/21). The buses will arrive in the neighborhoods between 3:45- 4:00 and park at designated locations. Adults or students can come pick up food for every student in the household.  Simply come to the bus, give us the student's name or school he/she attends, and we will give you a bag of food for each student.  We will also drive through the neighborhood and you can flag down the bus. The bus will stay in the designated area for 15 minutes and then drive through the neighborhood. 

Designated areas are as follows:

Bus 1: LaCascata and Cherrywood

  • 3:45pm -4:15pm: LaCascata- bus will park in the lot next to park and management office.
  • 4:20pm - 4:50 pm: Cherrywood- bus will park on Cherrywood Drive and Summit Court. They will stay for 15 minutes and then go to Winding Way and Manor Place for 15 minutes.

Bus 2: Autumn Ridge

  • 3:45pm: Autumn Ridge- bus will park in the lot by the park and leasing office.

If you can not make it to school on Wednesdays, please take advantage of picking up food in the neighborhood. Again this starts tomorrow, January 21.