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Black Horse Pike Regional School District Press Release: AATF Exemplary Programs

The American Association of Teachers of French has conferred its award or exemplary with Honors on Elizabeth McGrath at Highland Regional High School in March of 2022.  This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding quality of the French program.  Highland Regional High School is one of five in the nation to receive the award in 2022.  Thanks to its excellent program, Highland Regional High School has increased its enrollment in French throughout the past four years.  So that students may profit to the maximum, it offers early language learning in ninth grade and advanced courses, including AP.  The program makes use of innovative and creative methods in teaching, gives standard-based assessments, and offers numerous cultural activities beyond the classroom.  The school participates in the AATF National French Contest and inducts students into the National French Honor Society, with many honorees annually.  Its teachers show excellent preparation and enthusiastic dedication to their work.  Administrators, parents, students, and graduates have all praised the program and its teachers in glowing terms.  Graduates have continued to use French and the skills they acquired in college and in their careers, such as teaching, business, and government.  The American Association of Teachers of French, founded in 1927, is the largest association of French teachers in the world, with close to 8,000 members.  It offers enrichment and support to teachers , and recognizes high achievement in teachers and students.