BLACK HORSE PIKE REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICTBOARD OF EDUCATION


January 29, 2013

Administrative Offices


1.                  Meeting Called to Order— 6:00 pm

A.    Open Public Meeting Resolution

B.    Flag Salute

C.    Moment of Silence in Honor of our Troops


2.                  Roll Call of Board Members


3.                  *Executive Session—End Executive Session at 7:00 pm

A.    Student Hearing

B.    Litigation Update


4.                  Presentations


5.                  Call for Emergency Items to be Added to the Agenda


6.                  Opportunity for Public Comment on Agenda Items

(District Policy 0164.1 -The length of time scheduled for public discussion will be held to five minutes for individual speakers.)


7.                  Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report


        A.    Information Items                         NOTHING TO REPORT

                B.    Mandated MonthlyAction Items    NOTHING TO REPORT

C.    Other Monthly Action Items          NOTHING TO REPORT


8.                  Superintendent’s Report


A.                Personnel                   NOTHING TO REPORT

B.                Athletics                     NOTHING TO REPORT                       

C.                Policy                         NOTHING TO REPORT

D.                Finance                       NOTHING TO REPORT

H.                Miscellaneous             NOTHING TO REPORT


9.                Opportunity for Public Comment

10.              Board President’s Comments

11.              Executive Session

12.              Meeting Adjournment


*An additional Executive Session(s) may be implemented by resolution when necessary.