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John F. Golden, Superintendent



 VOLUME 2013-03                                                                                                                        MARCH 28, 2013




       1.       Co-curricular Appointments                                     Approved 3-14-2013

The Superintendent recommends the persons shown onSCHEDULE A be appointed to the listed co-curricular positions at the stipends shown for the 2012-2013 school year and are paid for time served in the positions.  Approval is recommended. 



       2.        Resolution for Emergency Hiring                           Nothing to Report


We are now required to submit to the County Education Office each month a list of persons we have hired that have not yet received final approval of their criminal history check. The Superintendent recommends approval of the Resolution shown onSCHEDULE B that lists those persons and the positions to which they have been appointed.



       3.        Appointment: Per Diem Substitute Staff             Approved 3-14-2013



The persons listed onSCHEDULE Care recommended for employment as per diem substitute staff for the 2012-2013 school year, pending completion of all pre-employment requirements. Certificates held and compensation rates are also shown. Approval is recommended.




      4.        Approval: Professional Development/School BusinessRequests       Approved 3-14-2013


The Superintendent recommends approval of the Professional Development/School Business requests shown on
. Details of these requests and costs to the district are shown on the schedule.






     5.       Approval: Work Schedule Change                          Approved 3-14-2013

          The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for the work schedule for the      
          AV Techs at Highland, Timber Creek and Triton to change from September 1, 2013 to 
          June  30, 2014 to August 26, 2013 to June 23, 2014.


                  6.       Approve: Family Leave                 Approved 3-14-2013         

           The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for B. Wasilewski, 
           a Maintenance worker at Timber Creek, has requested Family Leave of    
           Absence for 2 weeks to start on or about April 16, 2013.


     7.       Approval Senior Trip Chaperones & Alternates for Triton High School     
                                                                                        Approved 3-14-2013

          The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for the chaperones and  
          alternates for the Triton Senior Trip on May 21, 2013 to May 25, 2013.


Tom Ambrose

Harold Little

Jennifer Armstrong

Jessica Caffrey

Alyssa Ciarrocchi

Sherrie Erickson

Patrick Murphy

Stephanie Nelson

Mike Palma

William Reilley

Samantha Spaulding

Dominic Tomeo 








Cathy Stelling

Stephanie White





                8.     Retirement: Support Staff                   Approved 3-14-2013


                        Mrs. Naomi Walker,secretary to the Athletic Director at Triton High School has submitted a letter
                        indicating that
she will be retiring effective May 1, 2013.  Mrs. Walker has been an employee of the
                        District for thirty-one years. The
Superintendent recommends acceptance of this resignation, for
                        the purpose of
retirement, with regret.


      9.     Resignation: Professional Staff                      Approved 3-14-2013


A. Ferrante, a Science Teacher at Triton High School, has submitted a letter

of resignation, to be effective on or before May 4, 2013. The Superintendent

recommends acceptance of the resignation.




      10.       Approval: Early Morning Supervision HHS              Approved 3-14-2013    

       The Superintendent requests Board approval for Jason Corcoran to serve as

       Early Morning Supervisor at Highland High School for the remainder of the

       2012-2013 school year. Details are shown on SCHEDULE G.




                  11.      Request to Serve Counseling Internship                 Approved 3-14-2013

                         The Superintendent recommends permission be granted for the following Education
                         student(s) at Wilmington University, to serve their clinical
assignment for the
                         2013-2014 school year:


Student Teacher

Supervised By

Dates as needed




Samantha Seider



Lisa Draper

September 3, 2013 –December 13, 2013

500 Hours


Timber Creek


School Counseling





       12.     Approval: Mentor                           Approved 3-14-2013

The Superintendent recommends approval of the Mentor for Beginning Teacher

Induction Program. Details are shown on SCHEDULE H.          



     13.     Approval Senior Trip Chaperones for Timber Creek High School  
Approved 3-14-2013


              The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for the chaperones and

              for the Timber Creek Senior Trip on May 28, 2013 to June 1, 2013.




Garry Saunders

Robert DiMaulo

Paola Alacqua

John Campbell

Dorothy Deich-Barneetz

Brian Ernst

Jeff McCoog

Theodore Munz

Elizabeth Perez

Alan Powell

Alexis Rabeau





      14.       Approval Medical Leave of Absence                      Approved 3-14-2013
              The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for L. Scabarozi, a
                  Math Coach for the District, has requested a Medical Leave of Absence, using 
                  sick days beginning APril 10, 2013.  Her anticipated return to work April 22, 2013.


         15.        Approval: Job Descriptions                           Approved 3-14-2013



         The Superintendent recommends Board of Education approval for the following Job

         Descriptions: Principal, Co-Curricular and Vice Principal.  Details are shown

         on SCHEDULE I.





            16.     Acceptance: Resignation                             Approved 3-14-2013


                     The Superintendent requests Board of Education accept the resignation of N. Martinelli,
                     Physical Education at Triton High School.  To be effective March 14, 2013, as per the plea
                     bargain agreement with the Camden County Prosecutor.

            17.       Retirement: Superintendent                  Approved 3-14-2013

                     Mr. John F. Golden, Superintendent of Black Horse Pike Regional School District
                     has submitted a letter to the Board of Education indicating he will retire June 30, 2013. 
                     Mr. Golden has been an employee of the district for twenty-five years.  He asks the
                     Board of Education to accept his resignation for retirement, effective July 1, 2013.


B.       ATHLETICS         Nothing to Report 







     C.      POLICY       



     1.       Second Reading – Policies/Regulations          Approved 3-14-2013


Policies                                                                      Regulations


               2361    Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computers

                              and Resources

                            2363  Pupil Use of Privately-Owned Technology

                            2415    No Child Left Behind Programs

                            6480    Purchase of Food Supplies

                            8505    School Nutrition





         H.        MISCELLANEOUS


1.      Special Education – Out of District Placements 2012-13            Nothing to Report

For the school year 2012-13, the Child Study Team has placed the classified students
listed onSCHEDULE E in special education institutions believed to be best staffed and
equipped to deal with the specific learning disabilities identified for these students. 
Acknowledgement of the Board of Education for these placements is requested.



       2.      Harassment Intimidation & Bullying (HIB) Investigations            Approved 3-14-2013

            Be it resolved that the Black Horse Pike Regional School District Board of Education    
            acknowledges that the HIB Investigations, were presented within the Executive Session      
            portion of the March 14, 2013 Board of Education Meeting by the Superintendent of     
           Schools and the District Anti Bullying Coordinator. Details are shown on SCHEDULE F.

                [GROUP IN '25,29,30,49,54'$](Click Here to View SCHEDULE F)[$ELSE IF GROUP$]











Mr. John Golden, Superintendent

Nothing to report



Mr. David Cappuccio, Director of Special Services

Nothing to report



Mrs. Jean Grubb, Board Secretary/Business Administrator

Nothing to report



Dr. Brian Repici, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Nothing to report


Dr. Brian Repici, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Nothing to report