April 25, 2013

Timber Creek Regional High School

1.        Meeting Called to Order—6:00 pm

           (a) Open Public Meeting Resolution

           (b) Flag Salute

           (c) Moment of Silence in Honor of our Troops

2.        Roll Call of Board Members

3.        *Executive Session—End Executive Session at7:00 pm

4.        Call for Emergency Items to be Added to the Agenda

5.        Opportunityfor Public Comment on Agenda Items

(District Policy 0164.1 -The length of time scheduled for public discussion will be held to five minutes for individual speakers.)

6.        Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report


A.           Information Items

1.    Fire Drills

2.    Board Member Attendance


B.           Mandated MonthlyAction Items

1.    Minutes

2.    Account Transfers

3.    Bill List

4.    Cash/Wire Transfers

5.    Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report

6.    Treasurer Of School Moneys Report

7.    Budget Certification

8.    Cafeteria Fund Analysis

9.    Student Activities Account Reports

10. Use of Facilities


C.           Other Monthly Action Items

1.    Appointment of Gloucester County Special Services School District

2.    Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES)

3.    Appointment of Treasurer of School Monies

4.    Burlington and Camden County Educators Insurance Consortium

5.    Resolution for Appointment of Fund Commissioner and Alternate Fund Commissioner to the Southern New Jersey Regional Employee Benefits Fund effective July 1, 2012 to represent the BHPRSD

6.    Designation of Official Depository

7.    Designation of Official Newspapers

8.    Appointment of Camden County Educational Services

9.    Meeting Resolutions and Scheduled Meetings

10. Adoption of Existing Board Policies

11. Appointment of PACO/OPRA

12. Appointment of Affirmative Action Officer

13. Appointment of 504 Officer

14. Appointment of Purchasing Agent

15. Appointment of Board Secretary

16. Approve Curriculum

17. Approve Petty Cash Fund

18. Authorization to Sign Checks

19. Approve Tax Shelters

20. Approve Tax Payment Schedule    

21. Authorization to Award Contracts

22. Appointment of Health and Safety Officer

23. Approve Bill Payments between Board Meetings

24. Approve Use of State Contracts for Purchasing

25. Appointment of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Coordinators

26. Approve Travel Limitations

27. Appointment of HCS/Right-to-Know Contact Person

28. Interlocal Services Agreement

29. Comprehensive Equity Officer

30. Anti-Bullying Coordinator

31. Anti-Bullying Specialists

32. Sports Medicine Care and Sports Performance Training Provider Contract

33. Private School Free Lunch Program

34. Educational Data Services, Inc.

35. NJSIAA Membership

36. Garden State Co-op Membership

37. The Cooper Health System Employee Assistance Program

38. Bayada Nursing

39. Drug Screen Program

40. Job Descriptions

41. Computer Solutions, Inc.

42. Perkins Funding FY14

43. Construction Managers


7.        Superintendent’s Report

A.  Personnel

B.  Athletics

C. Policy

D. Finance

H. Miscellaneous

 8.       Opportunityfor Public Comment

 9.       Board President’s Comments

10.       Executive Session

11.       Meeting Adjournment


*An additional Executive Session(s) may be implemented by resolution when necessary.