580Erial Road, Blackwood, New Jersey 08012


Mrs.Jean Grubb, Board Secretary/Business Administrator


March13, 2014

TritonRegional High School – 7:00 pm


A.                  INFORMATION ITEMS


        1.     Required Monthly Drills/Bus Evacuation Drills

        Drillswere held on the following dates:


                                                                Date                        Time                        Evacuation Time

        Triton                                               02-21-14                 10:52 am                 2 minutes 57seconds FIRE DRILL

                                                                02-25-14                 1:26 pm                   8 minutes LOCKDOWN/STATE – ACTIVE SHOOTER

        Highland                                          01-09-14                 1:22pm                   5 minutes 25 seconds FIREDRILL

                                                                01-17-14                 10:17 am                 21 minutes FIRE EVACUATION

        TimberCreek                                   02-06-14                9:25 am                   2minutes 35 seconds FIRE DRILL

                                                                02-21-14                 9:38 am                   15 minutes LOCKDOWN

        Twilight                                            01-16-14                 6:45 pm                   3 minute FIRE DRILL

                                                                01-24-14                 4:20 pm                   4 minutes SHELTER IN PLACE             

        2.    Board Attendance


  1. Committee Meeting Schedule/Reports

        Finance/Technology                               – Nothing to Report

        Facilities/Security/Transportation            – Nothing to Report

        Curriculum/SpecialEd/Student Affairs     – Nothing to Report

        Personnel                                               –Nothing to Report

        Policy/Planning                                       – Nothingto Report

        PublicRelations/Media/Bd Relations       –Nothing to Report

        Negotiations                                           –Nothing to Report




1.       Minutes

Move that the Board of Education act to approve theminutes of the following meetings as submitted by the Board Secretary/BusinessAdministrator and that the Executive Session minutes be released to the publicfor all items that no longer need to be held confidential:


                Minutes of February 20, 2014 Executive Session                                  Not yet available

                Minutes of February 20, 2014 Workshop/Action Meeting                      Not yet available

                Minutes of January 9, 2014 Executive Session-Released to Public       Not yet available


2.       Board Attendance                                                                                                                      

Move toapprove the Budget Transfers as shown.


3.       Bill List                                    

        Move that the bills submitted be paid and the officers’ action inmaking payment therefore is hereby approved.


4.       Cash/Wire Transfers                                                                                              

        Move that the Board of Education approve thecash/wire transfers as shown.


5.     Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report                  

Move that the Board of Education approve the report of the Board Secretary/BusinessAdministrator.


6.     Treasurer of School Moneys Report                                                                      

Treasurer’s Report in accordance with 18A:17-36 and 18A:17-9 for themonth of February 2014.  The Treasurer’sReport and Secretary’s report are in agreement for the month of February 2014.  Move that the Board of Education approve theTreasurer of School Moneys reports.


7.     Budget Certification                                                


Board of Education Certification – pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:23A – 16.10(c) 4 We certify that after review of the secretary’s monthly financial report(appropriations section) and upon consultation with the appropriate districtofficials, that to the best of our knowledge no major accounts or fund has beenover expended in violation of N.J.A.C. 6A:23A – 16.10 (b) and that sufficientfunds are available to meet the district’s financial obligations for theremainder of the fiscal year.


Board Secretary’s Report in accordance with 18A: 17-36 and 18A: 17-9 forthe month of February 2014. The Board Secretary certifies that no line itemaccount has been over expended in violation of N.J.A.C. 6A: 23A – 16.10 (c) 3and that sufficient funds are available to meet the district’s financialobligations for the remainder of the fiscal year.


Board Secretary in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6A:23A – 16.10 (c) 2certifies that there are no changes in anticipated revenue amounts or revenuesources.                                                   Nothing To Report


8.     Cafeteria Fund Analysis                                                         

    Movethat the Board of Education approve the Cafeteria Fund Analysis.


9.      Student Activity Account Report                                             

        Move that the Board of Education approve theStudent Activities Account Reports.


10.    Use of Facilities      

Move that the Board of Education approve the Use of Facilities requestsas submitted by the principals.


C.      Other Monthly Action Items
        1    Adoption of 2014-2015 School Budget
                          a)       Move that theBoard of Education adopt the 2014-2015 budget in the amount of $71,629,552.
                                   BE IT RESOLVEDto approve the 2014-2015 school district budget.
                                                                                                                Budget                   Local Tax Levy

                                                GeneralFund                                        $67,036,355           $29,116,326           

                                                SpecialRevenue Fund                         $     963,228              --------------

                                                DebtService Fund                                $   3,629,969           $ 2,079,663 

                                                TotalBase Budget                               $71,629,552           $31,195,989

b)       Move that theBoard of Education approve the following:

        Resolved, thatthere be raised for General Fund $ 29,116,326.00 for the ensuing school year2014-2015 allocated among the constituent municipalities as follows:


                                                Municipality                                           Percent Share        Local Tax Levy

                                                Borough of Bellmawr                               12.9832469             $ 3,780,244.49 

                                                Townshipof Gloucester                           77.3851250             $22,531,705.27      

                                                Boroughof Runnemede                          9.6316281               $  2,804,376.24



2.   Safety Grant

        Move that the Board of Education approve the Safety Grant application as per attached exhibit.


      3.  Disposal of Obsolete Equipment

           Move that the Board of Education approve the disposal of obsolete equipment as per attached exhibit.