June 22, 2021
Triton Regional High School  

1.  Meeting Called to Order—6:00 pm
          a.  Open Public Meeting Resolution
          b.  Flag Salute
          c.  Moment of Silence in Honor of our Troops and First Responders

2.  Roll Call of Board Members
3.  *Executive Session
4.  Call for Emergency Items to be added to the Agenda
5.  District Students Presentations
           a.  School Updated by Student Representatives
           b.  Award Presentation by Building Principal
6.  Opportunity for Public Comment on Agenda Items
     (District Policy 0164.1 - The length of time scheduled for public discussion will
      be held to five minutes for individual speakers.)   
7.  Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report

A.  Information Items
1.  Fire Drills 
2.  Board Member Attendance
3.  Committee Meeting Reports 

B.  Mandated Monthly Action Items
1.  Minutes 
2.  Budget/Account Transfers 
3.  Bill List 
4.  Cash/Wire Transfers 
5.  Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report 
6.  Reconciliation of Statements Report
7.  Budget Certification 
8.  Cafeteria Fund Analysis
9.  Student Activities Account Reports  
10. Use of Facilities 

C.  Other Monthly Action Items 
1.  Bill Payment Resolution for payments during the summer
2.  Authorization to Sign Checks
3.  Transfer of Current Year Surplus to Reserve
4.  Transfer Resolution to Close out the 2020-2021 School Year
5.  Parent Transportation Contract
6.  Disposal of Books
7.  NJSIG Safety Grant
8.  Disposal of Tech Ed Department Equipment
9.  Donation
10. Perkins Grant
11. Board of Education 2021-2022 Meeting Schedule
12. Grant Salaries
13. Disposal of Text Books
14. Gloucester County Special Services School District Service Proposal
15. BorderLan Security
16. Anticipated Contracts 2021-2022
17. Extension of Contracts
18. Disposal of Art Equipment
19. NCLB Title I, II, III & IV 
20. McKinney-Vento/DCP&P – Tuition Placements
21. IDEA Grant
22. ESSER III Grant
23. Bid Results / Award HVAC Services & Mechanicals
24. Bid Results / Award Timber Creek Control System Replacement
25. Inspira Health Network Urgent Care P.C. Occupational Health Services Agreement 
26. Comegno Law Group, P.C. 
27. Compensatory Education Settlement
28. Compensatory Education Settlement
29. Schools Health Insurance Fund 2021-2022 Wellness Grant 

8.  Superintendent’s Report
     A.  Personnel
     B.  Athletics
     C.  Policy
     D.  Finance
     H.  Miscellaneous

9.  Opportunity for Public Comment
(District Policy 0164.1 - The length of time scheduled for public discussion will be
     held to five minutes for individual speakers.)                   
10.  Board of Education Comment
11.  Executive Session
12.  Meeting Adjournment

*An additional Executive Session(s) may be implemented by resolution when necessary.