BLACK HORSE PIKE REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION


October 11, 2012

Timber Creek Regional High School

1.                   Meeting Called to Order— 6:00 pm

a.       Open Public Meeting Resolution

b.      Flag Salute

2.                   Roll Call of Board Members

3.                   *Executive Session—End Executive Session at 7:00 pm

4.                   Presentations

5.                   Call for Emergency Items to be Added to the Agenda

6.                   Opportunity for Public Comment on Agenda Items

7.                   Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report


A.                  Information Items

1.       Fire Drills

2.       Board Member Attendance


B.                  Mandated MonthlyAction Items

1.       Minutes

2.       Budget/Account Transfers

3.       Bill List

4.       Cash/Wire Transfers

5.       Board Secretary/Business Administrator’s Report

6.       Treasurer Of School Moneys Report

7.       Budget Certification

8.       Cafeteria Fund Analysis

9.       Student Activities Account Reports

10.    Use of Facilities


C.                  Other Monthly Action Items

1.    Cumberland County Educational Cooperative

2.    Axis Achievement

3.    Disposal of old, obsolete A.V. equipment

4.    Acceptance of Standard Operating Manual

5.    Newborn Nurses

8.                   Superintendent’s Report


A.                  Personnel

B.                  Athletics

C.                  Policy

D.                  Finance

H.          Miscellaneous


9.                   Opportunity for Public Comment

10.                Board President’s Comments

11.                Executive Session

12.                Meeting Adjournment


*An additional Executive Session(s) may be implemented by resolution when necessary.