• Chromebook Information

     Chromebook Repairs Summer 2020


    Starting Monday, June 22, 2020 we will begin the Summer Chromebook repair procedure.

    1)      Students can drop off their Chromebook in the vestibule at each school
              Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.

    2)      Secretary will buzz you in to the vestibule.

    3)      Complete the form, which will be in the vestibule.  Click here for the form.
              Print student name, ID #, phone #, email and issue with the Chromebook.

    4)      Place the form inside the Chromebook, then place the Chromebook in the
             designated box or location.

    5)      No loaners will be provided during the summer.

    6)      One of our technicians will call and email when your Chromebook is ready for pick up.

    7)      The repaired Chromebook will be picked up in the same manner with additional instruction
              when you arrive and are buzzed in.


    Important Information

    If you are not planning to use your Chreomebook for more than a week; use this link to place your Chromebook in storage mode.