Special Services

    Special Services
    Director of Special Services: Mrs. Erika Silich 
    Supervisors of Special Services: Triton- Mrs. Megan Blackman, Highland- Mrs. Jessica Caffrey, Timber Creek- Mrs. Christine Hubbert 
    Administrative Assistant for the Special Services Department:
    Mrs. Sarah Campo
    Phone: 856-227-4106 ext. 8013
    Fax: 856-842-1510
    Welcome to the Department of Special Services! The Black Horse Pike Regional School District prides itself on the quality of special education supports and services provided to students who require Special Education and/or related services. Each of our district's three high schools offers a full array of programs and supports designed to meet the individual needs of Students with Disabilities. Our district is committed to increasing opportunities for students who require Special Education and/or related services to receive educational services within the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).   


    With the ever-changing needs of students, our district is continuously striving to improve the level of services we provide to students who require Special Education and/or related services.  We look forward to establishing and maintaining positive and lasting relationships with you as we work together to meet the needs of our children.  If you have a child experiencing significant academic, social/emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties at school, please consult a member of your school's Child Study Team.  He/she will assist you in identifying the appropriate level of support your child may need.