• Business Office
    Business Administrator: Scott Kipers
    Assistant Business Administrator: Anthony Tarsatana
    Secretary: Gerardette Brennan, extension 8007
    Accounts Payable:  Desiree Miller, extension 8012
    Accounts Payable:  Kimberly Enochs, extension 8006
    Accountant/Payroll Coordinator:  Jacqueline Pinolini, extension 8011
    Accounting Clerk:  Nicole Belfiore-Racioppo, extension 8008
    Assistant Payroll & Benefits Coordinator:  Jessica Micolucci, extension 8010

    Phone: 856-227-4106
    Fax: 856-227-6835

    We are excited to continue to provide you with a convenient and secure online payment service called mySchoolBucks.  By having money in each student's account we find that the lunch lines move along much faster, which gives your child more time to eat and be with friends.  See our Home Page for the mySchoolBucks link.  

    If you choose not to take advantage of the online payment service, our cafeterias continue to accept cash or checks for prepayment on your student's lunch account.

    In the Business Office, we are responsible for overseeing the financial and business operations of the District. 

    Responsibilities include: 

    ·        Development of the Annual School District Budget

    ·        Advisement to the Superintendent and Board of Education on Financial Matters

    ·        Accounting of Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

    ·        Oversight of Maintenance and Improvements to Facilities

    ·        Oversight of Cafeteria Operations

    ·        Transportation

    ·        Reporting and Accountability to the County of Camden and State of New Jersey

    ·        Process State and Federal Grants

    ·        Prepare Documentation for Annual Audits

    Above all, our major goal is to maximize the value of all revenues to provide a positive learning experience for students.