• January 13, 2022


    Hello Students, Staff, and Caregivers:


    The Black Horse Pike Regional School District is planning to continue an in-person, half-school-day model on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, through Friday, January 21, 2022.  In a half-school day model, we can utilize teachers to teach or cover classrooms beyond the normal range, and utilize part of the afternoon to meet contractual obligations, like a lunch period.  We will continue to evaluate the most viable instructional schedule on a week-to-week basis and will communicate our intentions to caregivers, students, and staff, as early in the week as possible. Our intention is to resume normal, full-day operations on Monday, January 24, 2022.  Again, given the unpredictability of COVID infections, coupled with New Jersey Department of Health isolation requirements, we may be forced to pivot to an all-remote model late into the weekend due to staffing shortages. 

    The half-day instructional model starts at 7:20 am, just like a normal school day, and ends at 11:45 am.  Lunches will not be served, however, each child is eligible to take a grab-and-go lunch at the end of each school day.  Students will attend six (6) classes that are 40 minutes in length each half school day.  Those classes will rotate just like our normal bell schedule so that students continue to be acclimated to our normal bell schedule.  The bell schedule is currently posted on our websites’ homepages.  

    Teachers will be available for office hours and extra help, remotely, after 1:40 pm each day. 

    Students participating in extracurricular activities may stay in a study hall at the school until practices or meetings begin after 2:15 pm.  

    Like the rest of the nation, our communities are experiencing increases in those with COVID symptoms, those identified as close contacts, or those testing positive for COVID.  Testing shortages are causing testing delays and have lengthened the time for testing confirmability.  If your child(ren) experiences symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, please keep them home and inform the school nurses, the school administration, and the teachers.  For this week, to support families with this recommendation, account for testing delays, promote a continuous connection with the school, and reduce academic interruptions, we will provide more flexibility for students joining live-streamed classes.  Please understand that this may be audio only. 


    Christa Moore-Triton Nurse-cmoore@bhprsd.org  Triton phone # 856-939-4500 x2008

    Jeanine Trommater-Highland Nurse-jtrommaater@bhprsd.org Highland phone # 856-227-4100 x4008

    Monica Coslove-Timber Creek Nurse-mcoslove@bhprsd.org  Timber Creek phone # 856-232-9703 x6008


    We believe this enables us to better fulfill our mission of educating students in the best possible way given the emergent circumstances. 

    We thank you for your understanding, flexibility, and patience.


    Dr. Brian Repici
    Superintendent of Schools
    Black Horse Pike Regional School District
    A New Jersey Department of Education Lighthouse District
    Where Inspiring Excellence is Our Standard and Student Achievement is the Result