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    Chancey Williams is from the South Jersey area, graduating from Highland Regional High School in 2006. Post-graduation, Chancey attended Rowan University, earning a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts (humanities and social sciences).  Shortly after graduating in 2013, Chancey began navigating his way through the workforce.
    In 2018, he stepped into his first instructional aide position at Y.A.L.E in Ellisburg, Cherry Hill, and from that point forward, he knew that working with students was his purpose. While acclimating to the experience of working with students, Chancey found himself learning a trade, and in 2020, he started a painting company called Brothers Keeper Painting LLC. As a business owner, Chancey has trained the youth to develop a specific skill set to benefit their lives.
    Fast forward to the present day, Chancey is approaching his third year working in the Black Horse Pike District. He worked for the CARE program and Triton High Regional. Now, he is back in his neck of the woods, working at Highland Regional High School, teaming up with Tyler Hines and Ryan Thompson as Student Mentors.The purpose of the journey was not to find out how much money could be made, but to find out whom he could reach.