District Goals

  • In our efforts to insure an ever-expanding growth of that dynamic center, we adopted the following district goals:
    1. Improve basic skills and develop college prep skills in mathematics, language arts literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing), and science to the extent possible for each individual.
    2. Develop the ability to seek information, reason logically and use this information to solve problems.
    3. Develop an awareness of civic rights and responsibilities and develop abilities required to be a positive contributor to society.
    4. Develop a knowledge and understanding of the history, heritage, and democratic ideals of our nation, state, county, and local community.

    5. Develop a cooperative attitude toward living and working with others, including those with different social and/or cultural backgrounds.

    6. Develop an understanding of the need for moral responsibility, ethical behavior, and a sense of values.

    7. Develop the ability to discipline oneself to work, to study, and to use leisure time constructively.

    8. Develop awareness of and appreciation for future family responsibilities and to acquire the skills needed to meet those responsibilities.

    9. Develop sound personal health habits and an effective individual physical fitness program.

    10. Develop consumer knowledge and an understanding of economic principles and responsibilities.

    11. Develop a positive attitude toward life-long learning.

    12. Develop special talents in and or an appreciation for music, drama, art, literature, and foreign language.

    13. Develop awareness of constructive work opportunities and careers and identify special aptitudes, which might lead to gainful employment.

    14. Develop both the understanding and the skills needed to function within an increasingly technological world.

    15. Develop a positive self-esteem to maximize individual potential.

    16. Continue to evaluate and improve building security for the safety of students and staff.

    17. Improve awareness of diversity of people.

    18. Provide a spectrum of individualized services for students with disabilities to assist them in achieving greater independence and fulfillment in their lives.