Board of Education & Superintendent Goals

  • Board of Education and Superintendent Goals 2020-2021

    Board of Education and Superintendent Goals for the 2020-2021 school year

    District Goal #1
    This District Goal is formulated to address the unprecedented health crisis amid our local community, State, and Nation while accomplishing the feat of re-opening our public schools with safety as our first priority.  We have structured a re-opening plan addressing the following:
    • Educational continuity
    • Co-Curricular experiences
    • Remote and virtual instructional expectations
    • HVAC protocols
    • Contact Tracing procedures
    • Screening procedures for staff and students
    • Personal Protective Equipment purchases and distribution
    • Cleaning and maintenance of facilities
    • Maintaining financial solvency
    Now, it is our responsibility to actuate our plans so that we can maintain and sustain the health of our school community, yet accomplish educational growth for ALL students. As a District, we want to strive to communicate with the community in a transparent manner, be flexible in addressing student and staff concerns, and design and deliver support systems that optimize educational attainment.  
    District Goal #2 - Quantitative
    The Superintendent will oversee the establishment, operations, and financial management of a new program at Camden County College that will serve students with behavioral concerns and school anxiety, school phobia, or those students who function better in a non-traditional program. When factoring expenses, it is my goal to reduce the actual or predictable cost of educating our students in our own CARE program, rather than educating them in an out-of-district school. We will save the School District 5% of the financial obligations of actual or predictable costs by keeping students in our District CARE Program.
    This Quantitative Merit Goal will include the following actions:
    1. At least two meetings with the Camden County staff to discuss the program operations, facility needs, rental agreement, and student educational needs.
    2. Establishing communication with families who attend our CARE Program. Send home at least two letters and organize an orientation program.
    3. Communicate with our Child Study Team, School Principals, and the School Counselors about the educational needs of potential program attendees.
    4. Work to appoint, guide, and evaluate the CARE Program Director.
    5. Order all of the materials, furniture, and resources needed for the program.
    6. Assess the financial expenses and costs, by student, to measure whether the District is able to financially meet the educational needs of students in a newly created in-District program. 
    District Goal #3 - Qualitative
    The Superintendent will help develop and support a professional development series of workshops and book clubs for administrative, supervisory, teaching, and non-support staff as a continuation of Equity work completed last school year. In year one, we examined our curricula, collected information from students and alumni, and assessed how equitable students' school experiences were among racial and economic demographics. The data suggest gaps in experiences in part due to the lack of diversification of curricular materials, the inequitable application of certain student codes of conduct apparent, perceived, or actual violations, and how staff members respond to a diverse student body. The Equity Council, as a result of our work last school year's work, is focused, this year on professional development.
    We will perform the following actions:
    1. Develop and deliver two workshops for administrators and supervisors on Equity & Empathy.
    2. Develop and deliver at least four workshops focused on Equity & Empathy for teachers and support staff.
    3. Develop and deliver at least four workshops on Growth Mindset for teachers, administrators, and supervisors.
    4. We will collect qualitative data and perform an analysis based on pre-and post-survey results.
    5. We will collect qualitative data from students via survey results to describe their educational experiences this year as a comparison to what we heard from students last year.
    6. We will develop and host book clubs that focus on building empathy and growth mindset in the classroom. 


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