Board of Education & Superintendent Goals

  • Board of Education and Superintendent Goals 2018-2019

    Board of Education and Superintendent Goals for the 2018-`19 school year

    1. The BHPRSD will evaluate food quality and analyze food purchasing patterns in order to increase favorability ratings and food services revenue. The District will survey staff and students in September, then design three to five actionable strategies aimed at shifting client attitudes towards food offerings and improve revenue through increased breakfast, lunch, staff and after school sales. 


    2. The BHPRSD has made efforts to ensure the increased security of students and staff in its schools.  These efforts can be categorized into infrastructure changes and personnel changes, as follows:

    ~Double locked vestibules and entrances; changes in entrance permissions.

    ~ Ballistics glazing elements added

    ~ Front door security personnel hired

    ~ Student and staff use of identification expected

    ~ Telephone installation will increase communication abilities


    3. The BHPRSD has been selected as a Junior Air Force Reserves Officer Training Corp site for the first time in its history.  The Junior Air Force ROTC Program will be held at Highland Regional High School within a newly renovated classroom.  The BHPRSD wants to maintain its initial enrollment of over 100 cadets and provide administrative support in order for the AFROTC to be a presence in the school and larger community. 


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