Board of Education & Superintendent Goals

  • Board of Education and Superintendent Goals 2017-2018

    Board of Education and Superintendent Goals for the 2017-`18 school year

    1. The Black Horse Pike Regional School District recognizes that more skilled labor force is required regionally and nationally.  To help support the growth of a skilled labor force, the Black Horse Pike Regional School District has partnered with the Finishing Trades Institute in Winslow, NJ, to enroll students in an inaugural opportunity to gain job skills and safety training over the course of a once a week, 18 week course.  In the 2016-2017 school year, the District registered 24 students.  Therefore, the Superintendent will increase the number of students enrolled in the Finishing Trades Institute partnership for the 2018-2019 participation by 50% (adding 12 more participants).

      ·        The Superintendent will write four letters to parents/students explaining the program and its benefits;

      ·        The Superintendent will set up three (3) student field trips to the Finishing Trades Institute in Winslow, NJ to market the program;

      ·        The Superintendent will visit 12 classrooms and explain the benefits of the program to students;

      ·        The Superintendent will hold four (4) planning meetings with Supervisors, Administrators, Counselors, Support Staff, about identifying            students to take advantage of the opportunity;

      ·        The Superintendent will create a marketing video of students in the program and about the program for social media use;

      ·        The Superintendent will develop a skilled labor force career fair for students in Grades 10 and 11 by April 2018.


    1. More students enter our doors coming from adverse childhood experiences with little coping skills to regulate emotionality, which inhibits emotional and cognitive development.  Punitive measures, at times, only exacerbate students’ inability to learn from their mistakes and often do not address the underlying reasons for the behavioral mis-management.

       The Superintendent will establish a wellness focus for students and staff that includes training on mindfulness and yoga.  The Superintendent will develop, organize and work with the Supervisor of Planning, Research and Evaluation to procure a staff/student wellness program that includes opportunities for staff growth and implementation of mindfulness/yoga into staff and student practice.  We will attempt to re-train our staff and students to regulate their emotional awareness so that coping strategies can be built into the school day.


    1.  The Superintendent will support and manage the integration of Chromebooks into the school curricula.  Chromebooks will be resources to support and expand learning opportunities for students. Every student in the Black Horse Pike Regional School District will receive a Chromebook and be expected to use it in class to enhance the learning experience. 


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