• Change of Address "within" the BHPRSD:

    If you have moved and now have a new mailing address within the school district, you must notify the school counseling office secretaries or the Registrar immediately. 

    Either office will prompt you to complete a new Demographic form (see below) and also supply us with four proofs of your new residency (see below).  


    NOTE:  If you once lived in the "school A" sending area and move to the "school B or C" sending area, the student would have to be withdrawn from school A and register in school B or C. 

    The Black Horse Pike Regional School District (BHPRSD) is NOT a SCHOOL CHOICE school district and therefore students must attend school where they currently reside (ROTC acceptance would be an exception for Highland HS).


    Demographic Form

    Proof of Residency


    Change of Address "outside" of the BHPRSD:

    If you have a change of address that takes you outside of the BHPRSD sending area, parents/guardians should contact their respective school counseling offices for information about withdrawing students.  The withdraw process has a few steps that will be explained when contacting the offices.

    Highland: 856-227-4100 ext. 4036/4037

    Timber Creek: 856-232-9703 ext. 6052/6053

    Triton: 856-939-4500 ext. 2021/2022