• Students who earn an A average in French 1, French 2, and first semester of French 3 Honors with the intention of taking French 4 Honors are inducted into the National French Honor Society.  Induction takes place in March and students participate in an induction ceremony entirely in French.  Students receive a certificate and are registered in a national database.  Students who continue to earn an A in French 4 Honors receive an honors cord at graduation.  More information can be found here.


    This year the French Honor Society will be participating in fun trips, including Crêperie Beau Monde, the Philadelphia Christmas Markets, a trip to see Les Miserables in Philadelphia, and many more!  Students will fundraise money throughout the year, including participation in the December Craft Show at Highland.


    Students inducted into the French Honor Society are expected to participate in activities, volunteer at the Craft Show and other fundraising events, and participate their junior and senior years in our Honor Society Induction.


    Check out the calendar for fun upcoming events!

    Contact Madame McGrath at emcgrath@bhprsd.org or in E204 with any questions.