• If you like anything tech-related or you like to build things, this is the club for you.  Tech Club is a one-of-a-kind hands-on experiance where you learn machine and toll safety on things like the band saw, sanders, drill press, and the table and chop saws.  You use th eknowledge to create personal projects, like clocks, yo-yo's, or cell phone charging stations, to name a few.  Sometimes Tech Club helps build things for other clubs or sports, like when we built a variety of carnival games for Renaissance Club or when we made "Chippo Boards" for the Golf Team.  If woodworking isn't your thing, maybe designing things on the computer isyour cup of tea?  We do a lot of poster and pamphlet designs for other teachers, clubs and organizations as well as desing and print custom t-shirt artwork that we create entirely in-house.  Or maybeyou want to 3D printsomething or maybe you want to learn about electronics, how to program and build your own app., or learn to solder?  If it's Tech-related and you have a passion for your project, we can make it happen! Generally, the club meets after school, but sometimes students are required to work on projects during Tartan Time.


    Advisor: Mr. Keyser- F126- dkeyser@bhprsd.org