• Principal's Message...  


     Welcome to Highland Regional High School, Territory of the Tartans!

    I look forward to the challenges and rewards as the building principal. During my brief time here, I see our staff are compassionate and dedicated to helping students in becoming productive members of our community.  Our goal at Highland is to create an environment where all students, staff, and community members feel welcome, safe, and encouraged to be successful. 

    We can learn much from the following quote:

     " Give up on your frustration, but never on your hopes.  Give up thinking about your setbacks, but never on your goals.   Give up worrying about your past, but never on your future!"   

      With the impact of COVID gradually lessening as the days pass, we as a district understand that many of our Highland students have not had a traditional high school experience.  I encourage our students to start their resume process by getting involved within our extra-curricular sports and activities.  Now is the time to try something new and possibly outside of your comfort zone that may lead to future interest in life.


    I am used to having an open-door policy and like to spend most of my days with the staff and students.  Please know and understand, I pride myself on being approachable and wish to work on future endeavors as a team.  Should you need to contact me, please feel free to contact Kim Simon at (856) 227-4100 ext. 4014 or via email at rvarga@bhprsd.org.

    Let's bring the Hype back to Highland; #HighlandHype.



    Mr. Ryan C. Varga



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