Dear Freshmen Class, 

    Welcome to Highland High School! 

    I am looking forward to the next year as you are about to start an amazing journey in your life.  Embrace this time as a new start and one that when you look back on it, you will be proud of!  

    A few things to remember as you start your career as a Tartan:

    1.  GET involved!  There are many clubs, sports and activities at HHS- find one( or more!) you would be interested in and give it a try! 

    2.  Take advantage of Tartan time!  During this time, you will have to opportunity to seek extra help or caught up on work you may be missing.  Your teacher will be available for you during this time!  It is also a great time for you to relax and recharge for the second half of the day!

    3. Take advantage your resources! Talk to your counselors, teachers and myself if needed.  We are all here for YOU to ensure you succeed and have a great 4 years at HHS.  

    4.  Find your focus!  Establish healthy habits and routines- this includes your academics.  Use this time to further your education and learn so you are ready for the future! 

    5.  Enjoy your time at Highland- these next four year will fly by! 


    GO TARTANS!!!!!


    Ms. Jones 
    Ms. Jones, Vice-Principal 
    ext. 4018 
    Ms. Farmer, Class Advisor

    Please be sure to check the school website calendar for important dates and upcoming events.