• Were you absent from class or miss the whole school day?  Below are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful!

      If you have a doctor appointment during the school day and need to leave early.
      If you will be attending school but leaving briefly for an appointment (i.e. braces, physical, flu shot, etc.) and returning to school; you should have your parent/guardian send a note with you in the morning that you will take to your Vice Principal’s Secretary, Mrs. Gale.  She will give you a pass that you will provide to your classroom teacher asking to dismiss you at that time and you will then proceed to the main lobby at the front of the building.

      Forget to send a note for early dismissal?
      Parent/guardians/authorized emergency contacts – Please arrive with your photo ID and provide this to the security personnel to sign the student out of school.  Your student will be called out of class once we’ve verified that you are authorized to pick up the student.  These are safety measures put in place to ensure that the student is leaving with the approved person(s).

      What do I do when I return to school from my appointment?
      Your parent/guardian drops you back off at school and you ring the bell at the main entrance to let the security personnel know that you are returning to school from an early dismissal.  Your parent/guardian does NOT have to escort you back into the building.

      I was absent but have a doctor’s note, where do I turn it in?

      • Drop off to Mrs. Gale in Mrs. Dalessio's office (A214);

      • Email to: bgale@bhprsd.org;

      • Fax to: (856) 227-3619 Attn: Mrs. Gale

      My child does not feel well and will not be attending school today, who do I contact?
      Mrs. Gale at (856) 227-4100 ext. 4018 and leave a voicemail with your child’s name and date that they will be absent, along with a phone number to contact you for the call to be verified, if need be.