• With our one-to-one Chromebook initiative at Highland, we are bound to have broken screens, keyboards and track pads.  Sometimes students have trouble running applications or connecting to the school's WIFI.  To help with Chromebook issues and fixes, we created Tech Squad: a hands-on, fun and interactive club where students learn the ins- and outs- of the Chromebooks and are able to diagnose and repair most Chromebook issues themselves.  Students intereste in the club should be students in high academic standings, with excellent organizational skills, good interpersonal skills, and must be willing to learn new things. No computer repair or electronics-related background is needed, although it is a plus. Generally, the club meets after school, but simetimes students are required to help out during Tartan Time with I.T. Departments in the LMC.

      Mr. Keyser is the Advisor.—F126  dkeyser@bhprsd.org