What is Peer to Peer?

    The Peer to Peer PE program is an inclusive physical education program. Students will be trained to work as partners/peer tutors to assist students with disabilities to actively engage in a general physical education setting. The focus will be on fitness and skill development, at each student’s individual level. The class will also promote communication, respect, teamwork and socialization among all students in the class.


    The course is offered to seniors on an invitation-only basis. The course fulfills the Health and Physical Education requirement for grade 12.


    How can I become a Peer to Peer Educator?

    All students interested in applying for Peer to Peer, click the attached link for an application. Acceptance into Peer to Peer is contingent upon completion of an application, interview process and schedule availability. All applications are due to Mrs. Harper or Mr. Zeoli by February 1, 2020.

    Peer to Peer Application