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    What is the Career Exploration Program?

    Students need a plan for what to do after high school. Whether attending college, technical school, or another form of post-secondary education, we believe that these choices provide students with options to be prepared for life beyond graduation. To this end, we allow early release or late arrival to qualifying students during their senior year in order for them to earn academic credit.  Students will either work for an employer with a career interest in mind, begin attending college or career training classes, or enter into an internship where students can learn valuable real-life 21st century skills necessary to earn life wages to support themselves and their families following high school.  Students who earn these credits outside of the school walls will satisfy the 21st Century Life and Careers 5 credit graduation requirement. The following options are available: Work Study, Internship, College Now, Finishing Trades Institute (FTI), and Career Investment Program.

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