• Curriculum and Instruction
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction: Matthew Szuchy
    Secretary: Kimberly Vicario
    Phone: 856-227-4106 extension 8014

    Our curriculum is constantly being revised by teams of educators each year.  Our goal is to have all curricula aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Consistent timelines for instruction are stressed and followed in each of our three schools. 

    Our courses are written with the appropriate amount of rigor to both challenge and teach students of all levels, and to prepare them for college and/or the work force.  Students are regularly assessed not only by formative assessments in class during instruction, but also by summative benchmark assessments to be sure all students reach the high level of expertise we expect.  We strive for the success of all students by providing professional development on differentiated instruction for all teachers.  Many other in-house professional development opportunities are offered in the summer and during the year for teachers to better their instructional toolbox, and to keep up with state and district initiatives.

    We have adopted and have been using the Stronge Model of observation for both teachers and administrators for years. This model requires each teacher and administrator to write Student Growth Objectives using baseline data to determine the amount of progress each individual will reach by the end of the year. The goals are written with student academic achievement at the forefront.   These goals are re-evaluated and revised at the end of the year as needed. Student academic progress is our ultimate mission.

    We continue to strive to update our course selections and overall curriculum to be sure they are the absolute best they can be in order to keep students interested, involved, and engaged each day in the learning process both during and after school.