Weight Room Procedures - COVID


    Per the NJSIAA

    Weight Rooms – Proper protocols regarding access to the weight room must be followed based on the guidelines set by the NJ Department of Health and the school district.

    • Social distancing and face coverings are required for all staff and students while inside the weight room unless it would inhibit the individual’s health.
    • All equipment must be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with CDC and EPA guidelines.
    • The school must ensure indoor facilities have adequate ventilation, must prepare and maintain hand sanitizing stations, and must ensure that students wash hands frequently.
    1. Maximum occupancy - 12
    2. A coach attached to the program is responsible for providing supervision throughout the duration of the assigned lift time.
    3. Coach is responsible for conducting daily temperature checks and validating a student athlete's wellbeing.  The coach must be trained by the nurse in order to do so.
      • Good Weather: Recordings are to occur outdoors.
      • Bad Weather: Recordings can be taken hallway between the team rooms and the weight room
    4. Masks are required and must be properly worn at all times. This involves the mask covering the nose and mouth
    5. Student-athletes are responsible for providing their own towels and hydration bottles.
    6. Maintain proper social distancing throughout work out. (min. of 6 feet)
    7. Utilize a "2 Person Spotting Technique".  Spotters are not to break the 6' barrier.
      • Please also choreograph your between-lift movements so as to help your student-athletes stay apart. 
    8. Doors must remain open.  DO NOT TURN OFF LIGHTS
    9. Use hand sanitizer and spray bottles after every exercise.
    10. Create groupings that utilize a "Household Model" as you re-socialize your student-athletes keep groups that study, eat and live together in mind.
    11. Work together with other teams to maximize space in relation to maximum acceptable occupancy. 
    12. Athletes are prohibited rom using equipment next to another person. 

    We are operating on a zero tolerance policy.  If a player or coach is not wearing a mask they will be asked to leave immediately.  


    Only students who are in good academic standing are eligible to use the weight room.

    The following Google Form must be completed prior to the students entering the weight room.  All coaches or supervisors are responsible for ensuring students have completed this form and are not presenting symptoms.  Student Attendance

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