• 20  Useful  Literacy  Links


    Please use this website for Literacy Links designed to support students learning in comprehension, vocabulary, study skills, and writing.


    1. Reading Rockets: Find out your vocabulary, comprehension, and reading rate levels in 6 minutes.

    2. Think you're a fast reader;  Click to test your skills!

    3. PowerMyLearning: This game-based tool supports student achievement in meeting the Common Core Standards. Use class code: 696434 to access! 

    4. Greek and Latin Bases, Prefixes, and Suffixes Vocabulary Root Dictionary

    5. Resources for Adolescent Literacy

    6. View examples, classroom materials, and guides on using a number of the most common comprehension strategies, reviewed and selected by AdLit.org.

    7. The ReadWriteThink website, hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association, has lesson plans and materials on making predictions about text.

    8. The Story Starter This website offers over one trillion randomly generated story starters for creative writers.

    9. Fifteen Minutes of Fiction - This site is designed for people who don't have a lot of free time to dedicate to writing but want to keep their skills sharp. Each week there is a new writing prompt to which site users can respond with a quick piece of short fiction or poetry.

    10. The Owl - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is another popular go-to source for grammar guides, style tips and other resources for creative and academic writing.

    11. AutoCrit Editing Wizard - If the idea of memorizing a whole bunch of grammar rules bores you to death, you can skip it all and send your story through the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. The free trial version of this program will point out all of the errors in a short manuscript, and users can purchase unlimited access to the Wizard for a yearly fee.

    12. GrammarBook.com - GrammarBook.com is another useful source for basic grammar rules and help with commonly confused words. It also offers free interactive English quizzes and resume assistance for job-hunting writers.

    13. Vocabulary and Grammar practice:  Freerice.com is a website that gives students a fun, interactive way to build their vocabulary and grammar skills, while making a difference for world hunger! It can be adjusted to any level, so even the youngest can improve their skills, while helping others.  For each right answer, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice!

    14. Time for Kids:  A great website for reading about current events. This is a non-fiction resource that can be a great catalyst for discussion at home. 
    15. How to Read a Book You "Don't Want to Read" :  Jim Trelease posted this video for anyone who has been assigned a book they don't want to read. Using the analogy of a tree surgeon taking down a tree,he offers great tips for students and adult readers.

    16. Study Skills Some students think that being a good student means just showing up for classes, taking a few notes, reading the textbooks, and studying right before the tests. However, learning, like many other activities, involves a complex set of skills that require practice.  These study skills to practice include note taking, test taking and reading skills that will certainly help with your academics!

    17. Additional Study Skills Website!

    18. Are you a Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual, or Tactile Learner?

    19. Suggested Reading List for High School Students

    20. Tips For Students : A comprehensive guide to better study habits.



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