Databases @ Highland

  • Welcome to the Highland High School Databases!

    Here you will find our school's subscription databases which will help you in all your research needs.  We have a wide variety of databases purchased by the school for the benefit of students and staff.  Please feel free to access these databases using the general links in each section.    These databases are also available from the comfort of your home.  Just ask Mr. Dennison for remote access information.  Our Master Password bhpstudents2020! includes the exlamation point.


    EBSCOHost Databases for ALL subject areas

    • EbscoHost Web (general portal to several databases)
    • Literary Reference Center - Language Arts
    • Points of View - Social Issues


    Master Username:  bhpdata            Master Passwordbhpstudents2020!



    Facts on File Databases

    • African American History
    • American History
    • American Indian History
    • American Women's History
    • Ancient & Medieval History
    • Bloom's Literature - Language Arts
    • Curriculum Resource
    • Ferguson's Career Guidance Center - Careers
    • Health Reference - Health and PE
    • Issues & Controversies - Social Issues
    • Modern World History
    • Science Online - Science
    • World Geography & Culture


    Master Username:  bhpdata            Master Password:  bhpstudents2020!



    Gale Resources(including e-Books) for Language Arts Classes

    • Drama for Students
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • Global Issues - Social Issues
    • Literature Resource Center
    • Novels for Students
    • Opposing Viewpoints - Social Issues
    • Short Stories 


    Master Username:                             Master Password:  bhpstudents2020!



     Proquest Databases:

    • eLibrary Science - Science
    • SIRS Researcher  - All subject areas


    Master Username:  bhpdata            Master Passwordbhpstudents2020!




     Updated: 2-4-21