• Highland Athletic Department Mission Statement

    To provide a positive image of Highland Regional High School.

    To strive for excellence that will produce winning teams within the bounds of good sportsmanship and the mental health of the student athlete.

    To provide opportunities that will allow the program to serve as an opportunity for students to cope with problems and handle situations similar to those encountered under conditions in the contemporary world. Athletics should provide adequate and natural opportunities for:

    • Physical, mental, and emotional growth and development.
    • Acquisition and development of special skills in activities of each student’s choice.
    • Team play with the development of such commitments as loyalty, cooperation, fair play, and other desirable social traits.
    • Directed leadership and supervision that stresses self-discipline, self-motivation, excellence, and the ideals of good sportsmanship that make for winning and losing graciously.
    • A focus of interest on activity programs for the student body, faculty, and community that will generate a feeling of unity.
    • Achievement of initial goals as set by the school and the student as an individual.


    Conference Affiliation

    Tri-County Conference 


    The mission of the Tri-County Conference is to provide opportunities for schools to work closely together, while promoting educational experiences for student athletes, which will benefit them throughout their lives. The Conference will foster an educationally sound environment that values good sportsmanship, fair play, and a wholesome relationship among participants, spectators, schools, and communities.


    • To equalize athletic opportunities for individuals and member schools.
    • To promote uniformity in the arrangement and control of athletic contests.
    • To continue to seek methods and means of promoting sportsmanship and academics.
    • To continue to enhance the success of members at the individual, team, and Conference levels.


    These associations include valuable information for student athletes. Please feel free to review this information but remember that Triton does not maintain these organizations and as such cannot guarantee the content made available through them.

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